Photo Tour of the “Secret” Trail in Petra

One of my lifelong goals has been to visit Petra and it did not disappoint. While I was looking for information about it online, I came across some posts about a secret trail that brings you to a view above the Treasury. I still managed to get lost a bit before finding the trail so I decided to make a fool-proof guide to locating the trail and show you what you will see along the way. Note that the full trail back and forth will take about 1.5 hours and it includes quite a few steps. I recommend doing it in the afternoon to hide from the heat and see a great view of the sun set over the valley below. The trail is not exactly a secret; it is marked on the map as the Al-Khubtha Trail and there are signs pointing to the trailhead.

To get to the trail, walk past the Treasury, past the Why Not Shop store, past the “Best Coffee in the Middle East Sign”, and these tombs on your left:
IMG_7861 Then walk past these tombs on your right and you should see a sign for the Al-Khubtha Trail: IMG_7865

There may or may not be a Bedouin trying to distract you and make you take the Place of High Sacrifice trail (this is NOT the trail that leads to a view of the Treasury):
IMG_7864The view from the beginning of the trail looks like this (Congratulations! you’ve found it): IMG_7869

Did I say congratulations? I meant, Good Luck! There are whole sections that look like this:
IMG_7870But you also get to see views like this: IMG_7894

After a bit of a walk, let’s say 30 minutes up many stairs, you will come upon a clearing and a little house. Someone has helpfully written a sign here that points you in the direction of “An Amazing View of the Treasury.” About 10 minutes more walking leads you to this:
IMG_7880where you can rest and consider how the Nabateans managed to build such a structure! IMG_7888

One last thing: bring water. Hydration is the most important thing when you are hiking in the desert. There’s a wonderfully nice man who runs a shop next to the Simple Life Restaurant just next to the Movenpick that I recommend getting water from. 1 dinar a bottle! Also, if you do the hike in the late afternoon, know that Petra does not close but it would probably be best if you make it out before it gets totally dark. If you want to splurge, I highly recommend rewarding yourself with a meal at the Movenpick Petra Rooftop. They have a great BBQ dinner for 30 dinar which comes with amazing meze, a choice of entree (the lamb chops are delicious!), and a dessert plate with haressa (a coconutty cake), arabian pudding, and watermelon. If you don’t want to splurge, Reem-El-Baladni, which is slightly further down the main road also has great BBQ.

The next day we took the Monastery Trail, which was also a bit of an epic…

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